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Discover how Yummy Tummy Bakery was born and what inspires us.

Meet the Owner

Letty Martinez, TOP CHEF.

Devoted to making scrumptious pastries and conceptualizing custom cakes, Yummy Tummy has been a distributor of Cakes and Pastries in the Humble area since 2010. Now established in New Caney, TX, Yummy Tummy's success has been lead by the skilled Letty Martinez.

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The soul of Yummy Tummy Bakery:

His dream, his talent and his commitment to quality.

Letty is first, the proud mother of four wonderful children. She began her career at a resort in The Woodlands, TX where she debuted as an employee under Executive Chef, John Brazie. Word of Letty’s natural eye for design quickly made its way through the kitchen, landing her a promotion to baker’s assistant at the resort.

As fate would have it, Letty soon found her niche interest in the world of cakes and pastries leading her to secure a position as a Lead Decorator in a Local Bakery for The Kroger Company. Letty spread her wings at this location, often going beyond the “templates” at Kroger to whip-up something custom to dazzle her unsuspecting customers. Naturally so, Letty’s diligent work caught the attention of higher ups at Kroger when vendors were offering her regional positions to work elsewhere. Letty declined these offers, and would soon leave Kroger to start her next venture. Continuing her interest in cakes and pastries, Letty started a small in-house bakery for a family restaurant chain producing desserts for multiple locations. After launching and watching business blossom, Letty felt it was time for her to branch out on her own. With the love and encouragement from family and friends, Letty started Yummy Tummy Pastries in June of 2010 in Humble, TX. Today, Yummy Tummy operates successfully out of Humble, TX and their newest location in New Caney, TX.